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Cyberpunk City Racer

Genre: 3D Racer

Platform: Unity

Development time: 1 month with multiple projects

Playable: Customized geometry greybox

Team Size: Solo

Roles: Level Design, Environment Design

Target length: Roughly 27 seconds per lap


Walkthrough Video

Racer Walkthrough

Racer Walkthrough

Play Video

Level Snapshots

Project Insights

i. Objectives

  1. The level is constructed as a Circuit Level with one lap taking approximately 20-30 seconds for a novice/average player.

  2. The greybox level allows players to Observe, Act, and Recover effectively (Action Awareness Cycle).

  3. Design a game event within the main path that incorporates an Alternative Route and a Shortcut.

  4. In any racer path session, there should be sufficient signifiers to guide the player.

ii. My Plans

Ideation Sketches

With all the objectives in mind, I began sketching with pen and pencil to explore various track shapes.

I'm not concerned about signifiers at this stage as everything is still in top-down view before beginning the greyboxing process.


Refined Diagram 

It wasn't easy to find a project that aligns with all objectives and genuinely ignites my design inspiration, but I've found one that's truly promising:

  1. Alternative Route and Shorcut within one game event session;

  2. Mild turns at the beginning, followed by sharp turns towards the end;

  3. There is sufficient space for observing, acting, and recovering during each turn.

Route with Legend.jpg

Module Assets in Modeling Software

One of the greyboxing approaches I decided to use is Module-based design from modeling software. It saved tremendous time by using the same models. 

  • The theme is a cyber night city racer track; 

  • Extensively used 4-5 different building designs throughout the environment to fill the space;

  • Added 8-9 neon boards to disrupt visual uniformity and enhance the design;

  • incorporated 3-4 special neon signs to help guide the player.

Maya Screenshot 2.png

I am very pleased with the result! Feel free to check out the walkthrough video again at the top. 

Maya Screenshot 7.png
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