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Genre: World Building Documentation 

Development time: 2 months with multiple projects

Team Size: 2

Roles: Level Design

World map.png

Once upon a time, a meteor hit the planet 

The meteorite released poison gas into the atmosphere

All life forms crystalized once contact with the gas

All life forms mutated once contact with the poisoned rain

Human will turn into gems after death

Animals will turn into ores after death

Plants will turn into crystal dust after death

80% of all life forms vanished in the first month

All humans united together in the first 50 year

Two women discovered the magic power rest within human gems

One man invented the Jewelry System to harvest the gem power

One family invested the Gem to Jewelry System

One empire rose to power from Gem to Jewelry System

One continent colonized by the empire

One green island escaped it all

One group of people worshiped plants

One mercenary hired by the plant worshipers


One tree house built by the mercenary

One world waiting to be visualized

One story waiting to be told

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