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Genre: 2D Bullet Hell

Platform: Unity

Development time: 1 Week for a Game Jam 

Playable: Link

Team Size: 3

Roles: Level Design, Artist

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Level Snapshots

Project Insights

i. Overview

  1. HelliShrooms is a one-week genre game jam event. My team of three game developers created a spin-off of Code:X and the main character is the little black robot "Y";

  2. HelliShrooms is a bullet hell game where the main character "Y" switches between Bullet Mode and Safe Mode;

    1. Safe Mode: In 'Y' mode, 'Y' roams without engaging enemies, and enemies do not attack 'Y';

    2. Bullet Mode: 'Y' automatically switches between three types of bullets: large single-line bullets, medium-sized bullets with two lines, and small bullets with four directional shots.

  3. The game follows a linear progression. 'Y' proceeds by eliminating enemies in each room and defeating the final boss.

My responsibilities in the project

  • Game design

    • Brainstorming game features and mechanics with the team

  • Art design:

    • Visualizing game concepts with sketches and illustrations; ​

    • Producing art assets for in-game uses and promotions; 

    • ​Applying art assets; 

ii. Design Development

During the game jam, the team members collaborate to brainstorm player and enemy mechanics. Design decisions are made quickly based on the team's programming capabilities and individual preferences, considering the time constraints.

Design process 1.png

Art assets illustrations display in MISC

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