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CODE : X (Updating)

Genre and main features:

  • 3D Action Adventure

  • sci-fi and  dark fantasy

  • Fast pace and high mobility

Platform: Unity

Development time: 4 months

Playable: Arted Prototype

Team Size: 6

Roles: Level Design, Artist, Team Manager​

CODEX Level Design Overview2.png

Walkthrough Video of My Level

CodeX_Viv Level_Skills Learning

CodeX_Viv Level_Skills Learning

Play Video

Level Snapshots

Project Insights

i. Overview

  1. Code:X is a fast-paced 3D third-person action-adventure game with low-poly aesthetics, featuring a blend of high mobility combats, puzzles, dark fantasy, and sci-fi elements. 

  2. The capstone project goal is to create a vertical slice of an original game from scratch, using all we have learned from the Sheridan College Game Level Design graduate program.  

  3. We operate with minimal faculty instruction in an industry-standard environment, collaborating among game design, art, programming, and management disciplines.

  4. The project will continue its development. 

My responsibilities in the project

  • Game design

    • Brainstorming game features and mechanics with the team;

    • Analyzing feedback and revising designs;

  • Game level design

    • Building greybox for skills learning areas for the main character;​

    • Applying art assets for the same areas; 

  • Art specialist:

    • Visualizing game concepts with sketches and illustrations; ​

    • Producing art assets for in-game uses and promotions; 

  • Team management:

    • Compiling and organizing game documentation;

    • Preparing and conducting playtest sessions;

    • Addressing and mitigating team stress and conflicts.

ii. Early Development

A team game project is completely different from an individual project, it is all about communication and collaboration. The first two months are all about revising and finalizing designs. We were lucky to work in person in our school computer lab. 

Meeting notes samples

School lab white board meeting notes samples.png

Initial map planning

In the early development stages, I created a top-down map to visualize the game features and gameplay flow, helping the team assess the project scope for a four-month timeline with six members.

We often had ambitious plans, and we recognized that the image above was beyond our capacity to fulfill. Consequently, we concluded that our project would consist of three main areas:

  • an Underground Lab for tutorials,

  • a Flooded District for skill acquisition,

  • and an Open Park for combat and exploration.

The Flooded District for skill acquisition is my responsibility, so I will only showcase and explain the area. 

General Gameplay Flow

General Gameplay Flow.jpg
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