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Genre: 3D Platforming

Platform: Unity

Development time: 1 month with multiple projects

Playable: Greybox

Team Size: Solo

Roles: Level Design​

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Level Snapshots

Project Insights

i. Objectives

  1. The project goal is to create one greybox level with engaged gameplay flow and a reasonable difficulty curve

  2. For any given mechanic(verb), teach the player about mechanics, test their comprehension, and challenge their skills.


  • Walk

  • Jump

  • Movable object (throw, push, pull)

  • Moving platforms (between set locations)

  • Static hazard 

  • AI hazard

  • Checkpoint

  • Finish line

ii. My Plans

To build a dynamic experience, I craft the main path to be a linear progression with hidden paths and failure paths to keep players engaged at all times. 

There will be three Acts of Teach, Test, and Challenge in this level with beats of every verb. Here is a general plan that I designed and followed for the next process: greyboxing in Unity (and of course, plans are always for the start, not for the finish). 

The Beat Map for Gameplay

Beats Map.jpg

Bubble Diagram for Map and Lore Design

I find it enjoyable to imagine a backstory for everything I build, even during greyboxing. In this project, the protagonist is a seasoned journalist exploring an empty city of skyscrapers.

The Bubble Diagram serves as a guide to the general theme and flow for the next step: greyboxing.


iii. Greyboxing: Main Route  < Golden Path >

Based on the Beat Map and Bubble map, I started doing greyboxing in Unity with basic geometries

Main Strategy for Main Route

  1. Applying different textures to distinguish architectural elements such as buildings, stairs, hazards, platforms, etc;

  2. Placing small shapes against large shapes to disrupt visual uniformity and provide player guidance;

  3. Opting for a circular route instead of a straight path for linear progression to conceal surprises around the corners;

Golden path.png

ii. Greyboxing: Hidden Path

Main Strategy for Hidden Path

  1. Placing unique architecture or objects to draw the player's attention away from the main path;

  2. Hiding valuable rewards discreetly to surprise and delight the player;

  3. Creating a return path to the main route eliminates the need for players to traverse the same path multiple times.

Hidden path (2).gif

iii. Greyboxing: Failure Path

Main Strategy for Failure Path

  1. Placing it immediately after a challenging area to ensure players never get stuck on a single challenge;

  2. Hiding rewards and gameplay surreptitiously to alleviate player guilt upon failure;

  3. Ensuring that the path after failure is never more challenging than the initial challenge.

Failure path (2).gif

Level Highlights 

Blood pool ship (2).gif

Blood Pool Ship
This high-risk and dynamic area tests a player's dodging ability for greater rewards

Caged enemy (2).gif

Caged Enemies
An extra room designed for action-oriented players to practice their skills


Hidden Coin
I hid surprises in corners to increase replayability.

The Boss (1).gif

The Boss Fight
This narrow door and stairs are designed to provide players with two fight options: defensive or offensive

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