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Genre: Top-Down Adventure

Platform: Unity

Development time: Ten-day challenge Game Jam 

Playable: Link

Team Size: 3

Roles: Game Design, Artist

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Walkthrough Video

Gemscape Walkthrough Sample

Gemscape Walkthrough Sample

Play Video

Level Snapshots

Project Insights

i. Overview

  1. Gemscape is a ten-day genre game jam event. My team of three game developers created a spin-off of Gemminia

  2. Gemscape is a Top-down adventure game where Jack is a bodyguard for the scholar Noe, 

    1. Bodyguard Jack: Controlled by a mouse, Jack can only run in a circle around Noe to protect him; 

    2. Scholar Noe: Controlled by WASD, Noe must collect four crystals to complete the game. 

  3. The game follows a linear progression. The main objective of the game is to collect 3 crystals at the end of each room to escape the dungeon.

  4. The team has decided to transition this game into a 3D experience, stay tuned!

My responsibilities in the project

  • Game design

    • Brainstorming game features and mechanics with the team

  • Art design:

    • Visualizing game concepts with sketches and illustrations for characters, enemies, and environment designs; ​

    • Producing art assets for in-game uses and promotions; 

    • Check out my art design for this game here

ii. Mechanic/Gameplay Design

Player Mechanic Design

  • ​The main feature is playing a multi-character game for only one person with both hands, and
  • The left hand controls one person and the right hand over the other 
  • The challenge/fun of this game is to have both of your hands work as a team
Gemscape Player Mechanic.png
Gemscape Player.gif
Gemscape Player 2.gif

Enemy Mechanic Design

Gemscape Enemy Mechanic 1.png
Gemscape Enemy 1.gif
Gemscape Enemy 4.gif
Gemscape Enemy 2.gif
Gemscape Enemy Mechanic 2.png
Gemscape Enemy 3.gif
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