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Genre: 3D Platforming

Platform: Unity

Development time: 3 months with multiple projects

Playable: Greybox

Team Size: Solo

Roles: Level Design

Target length: Roughly 10 minutes of gameplay

Page Content:

  • Level Snapshots

  • Walkthrough Video

  • ​Level Break Down

  • Gameplay Highlights

Level Snapshots

Walkthrough Video

All Videos

All Videos

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Level Break Down

i. Main Route  < Golden Path >

Golden path.png

ii. Hidden Path

Hidden path (2).gif

iii. Failure Path

Failure path (2).gif

iv. Level Hightlights 

Blood pool ship (2).gif

Blood Pool Ship


Hidden Coin

Caged enemy (2).gif

Caged Enemies

The Boss (1).gif

The Boss Fight

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