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Cyberpunk City Racer

Genre: 3D Racer

Platform: Unity

Development time: 1 months with multiple projects

Playable: Customized geometry greybox

Team Size: Solo

Roles: Level Design, Environment Design

Target length: Roughly 27 seconds per lap

Page Content:

  • Level Snapshots

  • Walkthrough Video

  • ​Development Process

  • Maya Module Design


Level Snapshots

Walkthrough Video

Racer Walkthrough

Racer Walkthrough

Play Video

Level Break Down

i. Top View

Route with Legend.jpg

ii. Project Parameters

iii. Design Process

To begin the map design process, I sketched out several different ideas. After reviewing the sketches, I chose the one that appealed to me the most and proceeded to visualize it in Maya

  • The level is constructed as a Circuit Level with one lap of the level taking approximately 20-30 seconds for a novice/average player.

  • Across the level, there should be one distinct Gameplay Event that Challenges and Rewards the players’ actions.

  • The gameplay should include the Main Path, one Alternative Path, and one Shortcut Path within the Gameplay Event.

Maya Screenshot.png

Module-based design allows for the efficient reuse of a small number of models to create the foundational flow and rhythm of level design, saving time and costs. It enables quick prototyping before finalizing the core level settings.

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